Current application scenarios

When is a moderator used? What current issues have been around recently? Which topics does he moderate?

How do we want to work together? What responsibilities do executives and project leaders have?

Efficient leadership without roar and tears.

This includes topics like:
… Work 4.0, Collaboration, eBusiness
… one-on-one talks, mediation, prevention, conflict management
… business DNA, visualization at the flipchart / work with own templates, group work

What does digital change mean to us, how do we shape the digital transformation? How do we secure existing knowledge and how does the transfer of know-how succeed?

… train new business models, innovation, corporate strategy, digitization strategy, digital influencers.
… structuring learning content for the challenges of digital transformation and knowledge transfer.
… set up digital and analog communication channels
How do we develop the next years? What are trends – how do we attack them? How do we come to
innovation? What do our customers want?
… Trend Scouting, Innovation Management, Personnel Structure, SWOT + Analysis, Design Thinking
Approaches, Defining CpS Requirements (Cyber-Physical Systems)
… added value / exchange of services between analogue and digital contract partners and customers via
IoT (Internet of Things) as well as downstream service, change processes

… participation, employee

Securing the future of SMEs and family businesses.

Find answers to the challenge in sales, market position and corporate governance.

Allow the business experts team to introduce themselves.

As a business expert team, we accompany companies in processes and projects with consulting, workshop, seminar and coaching as well as active customer identification.

The focus is on the strategic securing of success through innovation in the company, the recognition and fulfillment of customer needs as well as the mechanisms of product individualization. In the background this means support in collaborative work, lead the employee and resolve conflicts as well as in the design of customer communication and supplier relationships.

We know the paradigms and mindset of owners, executives, and employees when concepts like digitization, digital transformation, or digital transformation of processes are in the room. From brainstorming and project support to the finalization of change, we accompany companies in an appreciative, transparent and goal-oriented manner. Therefore, we are equally ideal partners for institutions, manufacturers and service providers.

What are your current challenges? We look forward to the solution-oriented dialogue with you and mutual success!

Core competencies – main areas of work:
Consulting and Coaching for: IT Sales

  • positioning
  • target customers
  • order and cold acquisition
  • Workshop, Seminar, Lecture: Collaboration, Work 4.0 Business Model
  • Innovation, IoT and CpS
  • Consulting and Coaching
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Succession initiation
  • Business mediation
  • Heinrich Scheuerlein (left) / Consulting and Coaching
  • Advice on payment problems
  • Coaching and change management
  • Business mediation

It’s that time again. A new hype is there, a new wave is rolling. All companies now need to work on digitization, do a digital transformation, build their Digital Business. There is no contradiction, since all consulting houses are in agreement. There is no hardware, software or other solution provider whose products do not optimally support digital transformation.

The new and crux of digitization is that the widespread adoption of smartphones, the always on mentality and the increasing integration of things into the Internet is the basis for new digital services, or their increasing proliferation promotes. Even if the photo and music industry is already largely digitized, even the insurance and healthcare sectors can no longer escape technological pressure.

And the music industry example has shown us that there will be no more coexistence of digital and analog business. From this, we must draw our conclusions and understand that the technological hype of the past and today is based on a development that will change our world and thus our economy and value chains sustainably.