Business Moderation

Preparation of a Business

Moderation on the topic: Strengthening leadership in the company

Target achievement through external business facilitation in meeting, workshop and symposium. Get to the point faster, because meeting time is the most expensive thing companies can afford today. A business moderator plans, structures and leads the participants to their destination. On the basis of up-to-date tasks, the tasks of moderation in the company and organization.

External Business Moderation is a service for clients, executives and their teams. Getting to the point quicker. At the same time, customers benefit from experience gained in consulting, management development and process support. My customers are in Germany and Austria. I moderate
in German. They book me, for example, for meetings of the management, internal workshops, exams, seminars with clients, conflict resolution and expert conferences.

As a moderator, he ensures the objective achievement of desired results and goals. He is responsible for activating all participants and actively involving them in the process. An external business moderation
relieves managers and knowledge carriers and enables their service provision in the subject matter. Business moderation must be provided with pinpoint and sound minds.

Improving leadership, empowering professionals, reducing frustration, overcoming conflicts, innovation, business model, structural development, education, digital transformation, the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems … are key issues that concern businesses today. An external business moderation relieves managers and knowledge carriers at meetings and enables their service provision in the subject area.

As a moderator, he ensures the objective achievement of desired results and goals. Activates all participants and integrates them into the process. In our complex times, I pursue the goal of maintaining and optimizing efficiency and conversion in organizational and corporate development, listening to and processing objections, and informing relevant stakeholders.
Comparable is the work of the moderator with a visit to the star kitchen. Who would come up with the idea to leave a guest at the stove, pot or pan? In the transferring sense, the same applies in moderation.

Nobody should do this job without an understanding of requirements and techniques. Meeting time is one of the most expensive companies can afford. For this, it is sufficient to consider just how high the hourly or daily rates of management and skilled workers in the company are. A second consideration follows very quickly. How many people and time do successful meetings require? Looking at the rapid achievement of the ROI (Return of Investment) and the successful communication with all stakeholders (persons involved) round off the moderation. In addition, the moderator provides multifaceted services.

Benefits of Business Moderator:

  • Present topics and people at specialist conferences
  • Lead discussions and optimize knowledge transfer
  • Focus results through meetings, meetings and workshops
  • Promote projects through moderated talks
  • Target achievement with broad consensus
  • Develop new solutions, visualize, structure and prioritize them
  • Activate all participants and keep them in the process (Flow) without fatigue
  • Recognize and use the professional and personal backgrounds of the participants, reduce disabilities, resolve conflicts, remove obstacles

Save results, persons responsible and binding deadlines always have an open ear for my clients and the participants, and I take the time to find an appropriate compensation obligation for their demands, concerns and contributions. Personal contact, a good basis for discussion as well as building trust – these are the basis for an effective moderation and are the working basis in every group. What moves them? What are the topics that concern you beyond measure? How do you find new resources and how do motivation, structure and communication work?

In our complex times, I pursue the goal of maintaining and optimizing organizational and organizational development efficiency and responsiveness, listening to and handling objections and informing stakeholders. Actively accompany decision-making processes, ensure clear communication between all participants, solve difficult issues efficiently, targeted, energy and time-saving meetings and knowledge- sharing seminars are his goal. Appreciation, transparency and determination form the basis for this.

Checklist. Services around a successful business moderation

The activity of the moderator extends far beyond the event, including the phases of preparation and follow-up.

Before the event:

  • Preliminary discussion with client
  • structure the course of events (agenda, design and dramaturgy)
  • Ensure time / space / supply / materials / Prepare flip chart visualizations

The event day:

  • Welcome to all participants
  • introduce agenda
  • Give impulse
  • Use techniques and methodologies and ensure a fatigue-free working atmosphere
  • Lead participants purposefully
  • Visualize, summarize, structure, balance, eliminate faults
  • Evaluate and secure results, agree on work responsibilities and deadlines
  • Final round, express thanks for the work, inform about the next steps
  • Saying goodbye answer questions of individuals
  • Photographic backup of results and materials After the event:
  • Create a photo report and submit the results to the client. On request:
  • Follow-up via videoconference or on the phone
  • Moderative process support of team, implementation, project
  • Development of manager / HR manager